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Film and Television

Projects in Development/Rumored Projects

I Accuse (~2004) Dr John Schneeberger
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2003) [TV] Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde
"MDs" (2002) [TV Series] Dr Robert Dalgety
Before You Go (2002) Dr Mike Pennington
I'm With Lucy (2002) Doug
Camouflage (2001) Man Invited
Rebus: Mortal Causes (2001) [TV] DI John Rebus
Rebus: Dead Souls (2001) [TV] DI John Rebus
The Mummy Returns (2001) Jonathan Carnahan
Pandaemonium (2001) William Wordsworth
Rebus: The Hanging Garden (2000) [TV] DI John Rebus
Circus (2000) Leo Garfield
"Predators" (2000) (mini) Narrator
Rebus: Black and Blue (2000) [TV] DI John Rebus
The Hurricane (1999) Terry Swinton
The Intruder (1999) Charlie
The Mummy (1999)  Jonathan Carnahan
Resurrection Man (1998)  Darkie Larche
Sliding Doors (1998)  James Hammerton
The Love Bug (1997) [TV]  Simon Moore III
The James Gang (1997)  Spendlove James
The Innocent Sleep (1996) James
Circles of Deceit: Kalon (1996) [TV] Jason Sturden
Romance and Rejection (1996) [TV]  Tony
Truth or Dare (1996) [TV] Nick
"McCallum" (1995) [TV Series]  Dr Iain McCallum
"Out of the Blue" (1995) [TV Series] DS Franky Drinkall
The Final Cut (1995)  Gilmore
Madagascar Skin (1995)  Harry
Pauline Calf's Wedding Video (1994) [TV]  Mark
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)  Matthew
Faith (1994) Nick Simon
Joan (1994) [TV] John/Joan
Milner (1994) [TV] Windscreen washer
Paul Calf's Video Diary (1993) [TV]  Mark
Harbour Beat (1990)  Neal McBride
These Colours Don't Run (1990) [TV] Keith
Bookie (1987) [TV] Johnny
Brond (1987) Robert

"Farewell, Nervosa" - 22 April 2003
Avery McManus
"Reckoning" - 4 November 2001
"Color-blind" - 18 November 2001
Martin Shepard
"Between the Lines" 
"Nothing Personal" - 13 November 1992
D.C. Mellis

"The Bill"
"Trial and Error" - 28 April 1992
Derek Pierce
"Work, Rest & Play" - 23 October 1990
Willie Connolly
"Evil Eye"


Play Theatre/Company Date Role
Bad Company National Studio
Ballad of the Wolves
A Bright Light Shining Bush Theatre
Carmen Communicado Theatre Don José
A Clockwork Orange Royal Shakespeare Company March 1990
The Daughter-In-Law Bristol Old Vic
The Gambling Man 1985?
The Gorbals Story [photo] 7:84 Theatre Co. - Citizens' Theatre, Glasgow May 1987 Johnnie Martin
The Innocent Traverse Theatre
The Long, the Short, and the Tall [photo] East Kilbride Rep Theatre Club September 1982
MacBeth Royal Exchange 1988 Malcolm
A Man for All Seasons [programme] East Kilbride Rep Theatre Club February 1982 William Roper
Measure for Measure (with Joanna Roth) Shakespeare Workshops - National Theatre 1990?
Miss Julie Young Vic 1993
The Philanthropist Mobile Touring Theatre 1985
Play it Again, Sam [programme] East Kilbride Rep Theatre Club October 1982 crew: follow spots
Rents Palace Theatre, Watford
The Silent Woman Royal Shakespeare Company
Somewhere National Theatre April 1993
Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? [photo] West Yorkshire Playhouse
The Zoo Story Tron Theatre



Available in the US
Available in the UK
Auden, W.H. Tell Me the Truth About Love
John Hannah reads ten poems by W.H. Auden (including "Funeral Blues").

Murphy, Michael. Golf in the Kingdom
"Meet Shivas Irons and start on the mystical journey that leads to deeper knowledge about the game of golf. Anything is possible on the magical Scottish links--open your ears and gain a new perspective on life!"  -

Murphy, Michael. The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
Sequel to "Golf in the Kingdom"

Breslin, Theresa. Whispers from the Graveyard
Scottish children's book: 'The supernatural is combined with realism in this story of a dyslexic boy who finds the courage to fight the evil force released when an old graveyard is dismantled' [This audiobook appears to be out-of-print]

Byron, Lord. Byron: Letters and Journals
Letters and journals of Lord Byron, read by John Hannah (and other performers?).

Classic FM 100 Favorite Poems
John Hannah is one of a number of contributors to this collection of 100 of the best-loved poems in Britain.  He reads one poem in the collection - "She walks in beauty" by Lord Byron.

Poets for Pleasure: Byron
John Hannah reads some of the poetry of Lord Byron.  This is also available in the PfP Giftpack, with actors such as Vanessa Redgrave reading poets including Donne and Betjeman.

Other Voice Work

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