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John Hannah plays:  Leo Garfield
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Summary:  It's a tale of "crosses, double-crosses, and triple-crosses".  Leo (John Hannah) is a con man who has to perform one last job before quitting the business.  It's full of characters with secret motives and conspiracies and as the story unfolds, you realize that what you thought you saw, you didn't really see at all - it may all be part of the set-up.
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My thoughts:  CIRCUS was interesting but very complicated - perhaps too much so.  There were so many characters with such unclear or conflicting motives that it was sometimes hard to follow, or to know who to trust.  It's great that JH got a starring role, though, and although I wouldn't say it's his best film, it's pretty entertaining and not bad.
Keep an eye out for Neil Stuke, who was in SLIDING DOORS as 'Defensive Bloke' (Joanna Roth's character's boyfriend).

Circus News:  CIRCUS has been released on video and DVD (either to rent or to buy) in both PAL and NTSC formats.

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