Faith (1994)

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John Hannah plays:  Nick Simon, tabloid journalist
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Summary:  JH plays Nick Simon, a journalist on a Sunday Tabloid.  He's a widower with a six-year-old daughter and constant problems with his snobby, interfering parents-in-law who still blame him for the death of their daughter in a car accident.
  One night, his friend sets him up on a blind date with Holly Moreton, played by Susanna Harker. Although he and his friend lie about their profession, Holly and her friend go through the pockets of the men's coats and discover their press cards. Later that evening, in bed, Holly tells Nick that her father, a well-known Tory politician and an advocate of old-fashioned family values and morality is having an affair with his secretary.
  When it seems to Nick that Holly is giving him the cold shoulder and pressurised at work by threats of being laid off, Nick decides to break the story about Holly's father's affair. The paper agrees to back the story and so a team of journalists begin working on getting the evidence together. From here on the plot takes on many twists and complications as Holly and Nick resume an on-again-off-again relationship, Holly's father is involved in a court case involving a major cover-up of government involvement in gun-running, Nick's in-laws threaten to contest custody of Faith (Nick's daughter), and Nick gets the sack as they can't get the evidence to prove the affair between Moreton and his secretary. Has Holly set Nick up to get back at the father she hates? It all unravels in the second episode.  [Connie Booth plays Nick's editor.]
- johnmochroi

My thoughts:  I wonder what JH thinks of tabloid reporters after having made this...

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