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In the John Hannah Appreciation Club, we find ourselves asking, answering, and explaining the same questions over and over.  I figured it was about time we answered them once and for all in a John Hannah FAQ page...and here it is!  Some of these questions may also be answered elsewhere on the site, but some are exclusive to this page, so read carefully!  They are all related to John Hannah, his career, or this site.  If you can think of something that should be included or corrected in the FAQ list, please email me.

John Hannah Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is John married?
  • Where have I seen his wife?
  • Does he have any children?
  • When is his birthday?
  • How can I contact him?
  • What are some fun facts about John Hannah?
  • Who sings the theme song from "MCCALLUM"?
  • How can I get "MCCALLUM" on video?
  • Which of John Hannah's projects are available to me?
  • I was watching "MCCALLUM", and he wasn't on.  Why?
  • What is the name of that poem in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL?
  • Where else can I hear John Hannah's lovely voice?
  • Does John Hannah have an official website?
  • Does John Hannah know about this site?
  • Who are you, the site creator?
  • Why did you create this site?

  • John Hannah has been married since 20 January 1996 to the accomplished actress Joanna Roth.
      Joanna Roth as 'Suspicious Girl' in Sliding Doors (click to enlarge)Joanna Roth has been in several movies and television programs, as you can see from her entry in the Internet Movie Database.  The most visible of these are her roles as Marie in MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN and as Lilliana in SNOW WHITE.  She can also be found acting on the stage, as she seems to be primarily a theatre actress.  She and John met working together on a stage production of MEASURE FOR MEASURE.JH with Joanna as 'Eve Kendal' in Rebus: Black and Blue (click to enlarge)
    But perhaps you have already seen her without realizing it!  Joanna has a cameo in SLIDING DOORS as a character called "Suspicious Girl" - she is the woman in Bertorelli's who suspects that her boyfriend is having an affair when he brings her flowers [at left]. John Hannah has been quoted as saying that this role is Joanna "to a T".  :)
    Joanna and John appear together again in REBUS: BLACK AND BLUE, where Joanna plays Eve Kendal [at right].  John has mentioned in interviews that they are looking forward to working together again in the future.  Go here for more pictures of Joanna or of John and Joanna together.
      No children, but they do have two cats.
      April 23, 1962.   He's a Taurus.
    (Interesting fact:  This is the same day of the year that William Shakespeare was born and died and that William Wordsworth - who JH portrayed in PANDAEMONIUM - died)
      You can contact John through his agent at the following address:
    John Hannah
    c/o ARG
    4 Great Portland St.
    London W1W 8PA

    He says that he reads his fan mail.  If you write to John, please be courteous in your mail and do remember that he is a busy man who enjoys his privacy.  Occasionally, fans have received replies to their letters.

    His favorite TV shows are "THE SIMPSONS" and "FRASIER". [JHAC letter]
    Horror films like PET SEMATERY make him squeamish.  ["Hannah bares all"]
    He likes golf, scuba diving, snowboarding, movies, and riding his motorbike.  [Sunday Post/JHAC letter]
    He likes to cook (so he doesn't have to do the dishes!)  [Yearling UK]
    Thai food is his favorite. [Yearling UK]
    When he was a "wee" boy,  he was afraid of the dark.  [Yearling UK]
    He supports the football (soccer) team Partick Thistle.  [JHAC letter]
    He was once turned down for a job at Pizza Express because he was not sufficiently "career-motivated". ["The Flying Scotsman"]
    His favorite Pizza Express pizza is the Fiorentina (spinach, egg, parmesan, garlic, olives, mozzarella, and tomato).
      The song is called "Cry Me A River" and the "MCCALLUM" version is performed by Mari Wilson.
      We have so far been unable to find "MCCALLUM" videos in the United States.  We don't believe they have been released for sale or rental.
    However, Blackstar (and maybe other internet-video-stores, but this is the one I know about) is selling PAL-version (that's the type of video used in Europe and Australia and most of the world, I think) videos of the "MCCALLUM" pilot, "Key to My Heart".  So those who use the PAL-VHS system are lucky, and North Americans, who use the NTSC-VHS system, do have the option of buying the videos and having them converted.
      The answer to this question varies greatly according to where you are.  If you are in North America or Japan, you use the NTSC-VHS video format.  If you are almost anywhere else in the world, you use the PAL-VHS system.  Blackstar and Amazon are a couple of good places to find videos for sale on the Internet.  Here are the titles that I believe are or have been available to buy in PAL and NTSC formats, either to rent or to buy:
    PAL-VHS or DVD Zone 2
    The Final Cut
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    The Hurricane
    The Innocent Sleep
    The James Gang
    Madagascar Skin
    "McCallum" (episode: Key to My Heart)
    The Mummy
    "Predators" (narrator)
    Resurrection Man
    Sliding Doors
    "Taggart" (episode: Evil Eye)
    NTSC-VHS or DVD Zone 1
    The Final Cut
    Four Weddings and a Funeral
    Harbour Beat (Japan)
    The Hurricane
    The Innocent Sleep
    The Intruder
    The Love Bug
    Madagascar Skin
    "McCallum" (episode: Key to My Heart) (Japan)
    The Mummy
    Resurrection Man
    Sliding Doors

    You may also be able to catch reruns of things on television.  Keep checking in at this site, as I try to keep up on what will be showing all over the world.
    To see what JH programs are on television this week or month in the U.S., click here or here.

    A new series of "MCCALLUM" has been shown, which doesn't have the characters Iain McCallum or Angela.  John Hannah and Zara Turner do not appear in it.  It stars Nathaniel Parker as "Dan Gallagher" in the same type of pathologist role (I assume taking over McCallum's job) and has many of the same supporting characters.
      The poem read by John Hannah in the funeral scene was written by Wystan Hugh (W.H.) Auden and is commonly referred to as "Funeral Blues", although Auden did not title it.  In his collections, it is known only as "XX", and sometimes it is referred to as "Stop All The Clocks".  If you are looking for the words to the poem, they are reproduced on the FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL page of my site.
      John has been involved in many non-movie projects.  He has recorded several radio commercials in the UK, and has narrated some audio books, including "Golf in the Kingdom" by Michael Murphy, its follow up, "The Kingdom of Shivas Irons" and a collection of W.H. Auden's poems called "Tell Me the Truth About Love".  His reading of Auden's "Funeral Blues" can also be heard on the soundtrack album for "Four Weddings and a Funeral".  He's also done voice-overs for several television programs and a museum narration.  Some of the UK radio stations that play JH's commercials can be heard on the Internet.  See the Voice page of his filmography for a complete listing of the projects we know of.
      Not yet. The domain names "" and "" are reserved.  I don't know if this means that official sites for John and his production company are in the works, or if they are being reserved to keep others from using them, or for another purpose - or if it was someone else altogether who reserved them.  There is a website at but it is not related to the actor - it is the website for John Hannah Corp. in Asheville, NC.
      He does!  For more information, see my Information section.
      I am a 21-year-old college student in Michigan, USA.  My name is Sarah, but my friends call me "Srah" to differentiate me from the millions of other Sarahs out there.  This is my homepage if you want to learn more about me (I promise:  John is a lot more interesting than I am).
    None of my friends here are JH fans, but I'm thrilled to have met so many fellow "Fannahs" on the Internet, either through the John Hannah Appreciation Club, or people who have visited my page.  I love to get feedback about my sites or to chat about John Hannah and anything else under the sun.  To get in contact with me, you can email me, sign the srah's JH fan site guestbook or talk to me in the JHAC.  Lovely.  Hope to be in touch with you soon!
      Hmmmmmmm... Let's call this answer "Srah's John Hannah History".
    I first saw John Hannah in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL.  Matthew was my favorite character [although I must admit I like David too] and I ran around my house speaking in a Scottish accent for a long time after I saw 4WAAF.  [It wasn't necessarily 4WAAF that did that to me... I often run around speaking in a Scottish accent].
    Then for a while I forgot about him because I didn't see him in anything else.  "MCCALLUM" showed on Canadian PBS about a year later and my dad pointed out that it starred that guy I liked so much in FOUR WEDDINGS.  I taped a couple of episodes, but 15-year-old me was not really interested in a show about a pathologist, even if he was John Hannah.  So I saw a couple of the episodes, but then I stopped taping and watching them because I got bored.  Ah, me.
    I saw SLIDING DOORS in 1998 and fell in love with JH's character, James.  I realized he was the same guy I'd liked in FOUR WEDDINGS and was interested in finding out more about him.  By this time I was in college with free Internet access and no life (hee hee) so I scrounged up a lot of random info on him, but I was surprised to find that no one had a fan site for him.
    After a lot of consideration, I decided to start one.  After I'd started mine, I discovered Tinny's JH Fan Page, which I think is actually a little older than mine.  Then I got invited to Yahoo!'s John Hannah Appreciation Club, which is a really great place to meet up with other John Hannah fans.  It was really nice to know I wasn't the only one who appreciated him!
    I admire John's talent as an actor - he seems to go so deep into his characters, even down to the subtlest facial movements or gestures.  He also has a wide range, so while following his career I've seen him in a lot of different parts in many different kinds of movies (many of which I probably wouldn't have seen if it weren't for him, but I ended up loving them!).  So my interest in his films have also widened my film-watching horizon in general.
    This site is here for you, so that you don't have to go scrounging around the Internet like I did.  I'm trying to bring you all the John Hannah news, information, and pictures I can find out there.  For more information and disclaimers about this site, please see my site information.

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