Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (~2003)

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


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John Hannah plays:  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Summary: A Clerkenwell Films production based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.  It will be 

My thoughts:  It's nice to see that John is doing another Clerkenwell Films project.  This could be excellent!

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde News:  They have wrapped up filming in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Cast includes:

Dr Henry Jekyll
Mr Edward Hyde
Danvers Carew
Mabel Mercer
Sarah Carew
Florrie Bradley
Ned Chandler
Rachel Carew
Arthur Lanyon
Mabel's Mum
Father Peter
Mrs Robey
Dr Brown
Dr Johnson
John Hannah
John Hannah
David Warner
Gerard Horan
Kellie Shirley
Elodie Kendall
Ellie Haddington
Brian Pettifer
Jack Blumenau
Mel Martin
Ifan Meredith
Tilly Vosburgh
John Rogan
Janet Henfrew
Christopher Good
James Saxon

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