Madagascar Skin (1995)

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John Hannah plays:  Harry
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Summary:  Harry (John Hannah), a lonely gay man, is rejected by other men because of a large birthmark on the side of his face in the shape of the island of Madagascar (hence the title).  He goes to the beach, to escape his life or maybe to commit suicide, and comes across Flint (Bernard Hill), who has been buried in sand and left to die on the beach.  Harry rescues Flint and the two of them take up residence in an abandoned cottage.  Harry begins to fall in love with Flint and struggles to tell him how he feels, since the other man is supposedly straight.  The film follows their relationship and the things they deal with as the two become closer.

My thoughts:  This movie is fascinating.  It's sort of slow and arty, and it's like nothing I've seen before.  There are a few parts I don't understand (the shoes on the beach?), but it only makes me want to watch the film again and again.  It can be discussed for months on end (and it has, by several of us in the JHAC!). 
It's easy to tell why John Hannah won Best Actor at the Stockholm Film Festival for his work in MADAGASCAR SKIN.  It's also his favorite role that he's played.  I wish this were more widely available in the U.S. because it's a must-see for JH fans.

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