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John Hannah plays:  Dr. Iain McCallum, a forensic pathologist
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Summary:    Dr. Iain McCallum works in a pathology lab and solves murders and such.  There is a romantic involvement between Iain and Joanna (Suzanna Hamilton), and later Iain and Angela (Zara Turner - at right - you may recognize her as Anna from SLIDING DOORS).  There were two seasons, and a total of eight 1.5 hour episodes: 
The Key to my Heart 
Dead but Still Breathing
City of the Dead 
Dead Man's Fingers 
Running on Empty

My thoughts:  This is a TV series which aired in the U.K. several years ago.  I caught a few episodes on Canadian PBS.  I've only seen those few episodes, and that was a while ago.
A new series of "McCallum" has been filmed, without John Hannah or Zara Turner and without the characters Iain or Angela.  The new series, starring Nathaniel Parker, takes place in the same lab and has some of the supporting characters from the original series.

"McCallum" News:  "McCallum" has been shown often in the US on the DirectTV channel "Trio".  Check their website to see if it's playing now.  If you want it to be reshown, try dropping them an email so that they know there's interest.
According to a poll in the UK about sex on TV, "McCallum" has been voted one of the sexiest shows on television by British women.

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