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John Hannah plays:  DS Franky Drinkall, a cop who doesn't always go by the book

Click here for more pictures from Out of the BlueSummary:  It's a cop show revolving around the detective and uniformed divisions of a police station.  I've seen four episodes of the show, three of which involved Franky.  This is a summary of only those three:  Franky was diagnosed with epilepsy and didn't handle the news well.  He disappeared and the police force was out looking for him, fearing that something had happened to him.  It turned out that he had run away from his problems.  He came back to the force, and in the next episode he was paying a drug addict for information in a case.  The drug addict felt that Franky was interfering too much in his life, and was afraid that Franky would get him killed.  He stabbed Franky, who died in his office.  In the next episode, everyone was trying to get over the loss of Franky and find out why he was killed.  They tried to remember Franky as a good man, but also came to understand that some of his police methods were rather unorthodox.  His policing style could be summed up in his quote, "Do we want everybody to like us or do we want to get results?"  At the end of the episode, they uncovered a video that Franky had made before he died, which helped them remember the good times with him.

My thoughts:  This was a very entertaining show.  I think I'd like to see more of the series.  I really enjoyed John Hannah's friend Neil Dudgeon, who was one of the stars.  After playing Franky, John Hannah lent his support to the Epilepsy Association of Scotland.

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