Paul Calf's Video Diary (1993)

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John Hannah plays:  Mark

Summary: Lager lout and philosopher, Paul Calf, created and played by comedian, Steve Coogan, records his video diary over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Accompanied by his friends, Fat Bob and Roland, and his sister, Pauline, he staggers thru' two days of drinking, fighting and failed sex, in desperate pursuit of his ex-girlfriend, Julie. With JH, John Thomson, Gary Olsen and Patrick Marber.

- Radio Times

A one-shot comedy about three youths in the midlands on New Year's Eve recording their adventures with a video camera.  Remarkably staged and quite revealing (they really are gits), but quite funny in its revelations about the ordinary lives of these three guys.  One bizarre bit is the hero's sister is played by Steve Coogan in drag. It's done incredibly straight until the very end when "she" picks someone up at a party to take home and asks if he's seen The Crying Game. Go figure. 

- British TV Show Reviews

My thoughts: Doesn't look too likely that I'll get to see this, but...

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