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If you want your own 8x10 pictures of John Hannah, a great place to search is They have quite a few photos in their archives that you can purchase with a credit card for about £10 (around $16 US).

Brond (1987)

Robert (JH) (b/w) [Dz]
Robert with Brond (b/w) [Dz]
Brond and Robert outside (b/w) [Dz]
Robert alone (b/w) [Dz]
Robert behind bars (b/w) [Dz]
Jackie and Robert (b/w) [Dz]
Leaning against the wall (b/w)

"Boon" (1990)

Willie Connolly (JH) in Boon's office [Jm]
Willie with model/girlfriend [Jm]
Willie with his girlfriend again [Jm]
Willie talking with Boon [Jm]
Closeup of Willie [Jm]
Ken Boon and Willie [Jm]
Boon and Willie again [Jm]
Boon and Willie yet again [Jm]
Willie making a strange face [Jm]
Willie talking with Boon [Jm]
Willie watching the prison soccer match [Jm]

Harbour Beat (1990)

Neal (JH) arriving in Sydney [Jm]
Neal having an interview with his new boss [Jm]
Neal questioning Simone [Jm]
At dinner, with a friend of Simone's [Jm]
In conversation with Simone's friend [Jm]
At dinner, with a fork [Jm]
Neal and Simone [Jm]
Neal and Lance [LV]
Neal in bed (with Simone?) [LV]

Faith (1994)

Nick Simon (JH) trying to convince his boss he has a story [Jm]
Nick on his blind date with Holly [Jm]
Nick in conversation with his editor [Jm]
Dinner with Holly [Jm]
Explaining to his friend that he and Holly are back together [Jm]
Nick negotiating with his editor [Jm]
Nick discussing the story with his editor [Jm]
Nick on the doorstep of Holly's flat attempting a reconciliation [Jm]
At the checkout in the supermarket and unable to use his credit card [Jm]
Reconciliation with Holly in the supermarket [Jm]
Reading the court notice that his in-laws are contesting custody [Jm]
Nick with "that b**** of an editor" [Jm]
Nick comforting Faith [Jm]
Discussing plans with his friend [Jm]
Explaining to Holly that they can't stop the story about her father [Jm]
Explaining to Holly [Jm]

Nick [PM]
Moreton and Nick [PM]
Moreton, Holly, and Nick [PM]
Promotional photo from Belgium [Pa]

Four Weddings and A Funeral (1994)

The gang in church at the first wedding (1/2 of Matthew (JH)'s head) [KSTA]
Gareth, Matthew, and Scarlett discussing her dress at the first wedding [TVSY]
Another shot of the dress discussion [OoO]
Matthew talking to Charles at the first wedding's reception [OoO]
Gareth, Matthew, and Charles talking at the second wedding
The gang collapses on a couch at the second wedding [KSTA]
Matthew at the funeral [Dz]
Matthew's introduction to the poem (with Flemish subtitles) [UoG]
Matthew reading the poem [UoG]
Matthew at Gareth's burial [E]
Tom, Fiona, David, Matthew, and Scarlett laughing at Charles [KSTA]
Same as above, but brighter [OoO]
The gang toasting "Duckface" (b/w) [DY]
Matthew trying to hold back a laugh while Fi talks about "Duckface" [KSTA]
Matthew talking to a stressed-out Charles at the fourth wedding [S]
Matthew, Charles, and David ready to "face the enemy" [S]
"Duckface", Charles, and Matthew during the service (b/w) [DY]
Tom, Fi, and Matthew in his glasses and plaid vest [S]
Half of Matthew's head behind Fiona's arm [KSTA]

Group Picture (from a calendar) [LV]

Madagascar Skin (1995)

Harry (JH) in the bar (b/w) [Dz]
Harry on the beach [LV]
Harry on the beach (blue)
Harry in the back seat of the car [030]
Harry saving Flint
Harry saving Flint (b/w)
Harry in the sun [HM]
Harry offering Flint tea [HM]
Harry wrapping Flint's head [DF]
Harry and Flint [LV]
Harry and the crab [HM]
Harry reading [HM]
Flint and Harry, reading Moby Dick (b/w)
Harry and Flint back-to-back [IS]
Flint and Harry back-to-back and smiling [LV]
Flint and Harry at the window (b/w)
Harry before the worm [HM]
Harry with the worm [HM]
Harry after the worm [HM] 

"Out of the Blue" (1995)

Frankie squinting [NM]
Frankie looking to the left [NM]
Frankie looking down [NM]
Frankie staring at someone off-camera [NM]
Frankie looking dark and thoughtful [NM]
Frankie with his hands in the air [NM]
Frankie at his desk [NM]


Angela and Iain (JH) looking at a skull (KTMH)
Angela, Iain, and the skull again (KTMH)[TTV]
McCallum with Bracken (KTMH?)
McCallum looking thoughtful (S) [TVSY]
Same scene as above, just McCallum (S)
McCallum and a plague victim (T) [TTV]
McCallum on a motorbike (T) [HG]
McCallum carrying Joanna (T) [HG]
McCallum at the microscope (T) [HG]
Angela and Iain again (DMF) [TVSY]
McCallum in the dark (DBSB) [TTV]
McCallum makes a grisly discovery (H) [TTV]
Leaning over another corpse (H) [TVSY]
Same with more of the corpse (H) [TTV]
McCallum giving a speech (DMF) [TVSY]
McCallum and Rory (ROE) [TVSY]

2 photos - a head shot, and leaning over a corpse
McCallum leaning over a railing [KB+P]
Iain McCallum [VS]
McCallum in his SOC whites [Dz]
Dr. Iain McCallum in scrubs
Dr. McCallum in scrubs again [YU]
Promotional picture (b/w) [Dz]
"A doctor to die for" [TTV]
McCallum flyer 1 [GT]
McCallum flyer 2 [GT]

Truth or Dare (1996)

Nick (JH) [BBCA]
Nick and Lorna (b/w)
Lorna and Nick in a bar
Nick, Ben, Mel, and Lorna in a bar [Sh]
Nick and Lorna outside [Sh]

Romance and Rejection (1996)

Tony in a rather silly hat [FM]
Tony (JH) and two other characters [FM]

The Innocent Sleep (1996)

James (JH) and Billie (b/w) [VD]
Similar picture in color [Pbd]

The James Gang (1997)

Spendlove (JH) and the baby [CFr]
The James Family [PFr]
Spendlove in the car [An]
The James Gang crossing the street [Cf]
Spendlove singing karaoke [Cf]

As Spendlove  [AH]

Sliding Doors (1998)

James (JH) bothering Helen while she tries to read her book [SBP]
Helen and James meet in the subway
James talking to Helen (offscreen) [SBP]
Helen and James outside the "tube" [FS]
James telling Helen to cheer up [S]
James at the door [S]
Closeup on James in the diner
James at Clive's restaurant [S]
James in the pub after the boat race [S]
James and Helen in the boat (unfortunate picture of GP!) [S]
Helen shutting James up [SBP]
James in the boat [S]
James trying to call Helen (b/w) [Dz]
James explaining to Helen why he "didn't not call" [S]
"John Hannah in Sliding Doors" [SBP]
Animated .gif of Helen and James in the rain [GD]
James and Helen kissing [DB]
"I should just telephone Anna..." [DB]
James kissing Helen in the hospital [SBP]
Helen and James in the elevator [SBP]

James and Helen grinning in the subway
More grinning in the subway [LGP]
A devilish look on JH's face [LGP]
Helen and James in the diner
Helen and James in the diner again (b/w)
Hugging in the diner
Hugging in the diner (blue)
James kissing Helen on the cheek [Elo]
Yay! One of James by himself

Resurrection Man (1998)

Darkie (JH) and a victim [HM]
Darkie looking angry [HM]
Darkie looking angry [HM]
Darkie looking angry [HM]
Darkie and Heather [HM]
Darkie and Heather [IMDb] 

The Mummy (1999)

Jonathan's (JH) first appearance in the movie [SBP]
Evie and Jonathan looking at the key [MT]
Evelyn and Jonathan looking at the map [SotM]
Jonathan being greedy: "Good, I like him a lot." [SBP]
Evelyn and Jonathan
Asking about Hamunaptra [SBP]
Saving the map from burning [SBP]
"Just a sort of local missionary chap." [SBP]
"I've just got one of those faces" [SBP]
Jonathan and Evelyn at Giza Port [MT]
Rick, Jonathan and Evelyn at Giza Port [SotM]
Jonathan playing cards with the Americans [SotM]
Jonathan caught talking to the Americans [SBP]
Reverse of the above photo (this is how it appeared in the movie) [JB]
Jonathan pulling a camel's lead [IC]
Jonathan in his pith helmet again [SBP]
Some blurry camel-riders (JH is third) [SotM]
Jonathan seeing Hamunaptra for the first time [SBP]
Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan sneaking through the ruins of Hamunaptra
A little picture of Jonathan alone
Our heroes have a standoff with the Americans [SotM]
Rick, Evie, and Jonathan in front of a fire [MT]
Evelyn, Rick, and Jonathan opening the mummy's case [SotM]
"He's still..." "...juicy." [PO]
Jonathan waking up after Evelyn reads from the Book of the Dead [SBP]
Jonathan, Rick, and Winston in the bar [SBP]
Jonathan, Rick, and Winston in the bar again [SBP]
Jonathan in the museum [SBP]
Jonathan in the museum again [SBP]
Rick and Jonathan looking out the window [SBP]
Rick and Jonathan looking out the window [MT]
Jonathan's most famous scene! "Im-ho-tep..." [SBP]
Everybody trying to fight off the zombies [MT]
The Curator, Ardeth, Rick, and Jonathan trying to escape the zombies [OFAS]
"Everyone else we've bumped into has died..." [SBP]
Looking thoughtful with his goggles [SBP]
Ardeth, Rick, and Jonathan preparing to reenter Hamunaptra [H]
Same picture, bigger and without Universal's copyright info [IC]
Jonathan looking scared as he's rescued by Rick
Jonathan gazing upon the riches of Hamunaptra [SBP]
Ardeth, Rick and Jonathan preparing to fight off Imhotep's priests [MT]
Ardeth, Rick, and John squaring off against the mummified priests [JB]
Jonathan, Ardeth, and Rick ducking from an explosion [MT]
A smaller, clearer version of the above photo [JB]
Another photo from the same scene (I think this one is backwards) [IC]
A very similar photo from the same scene [OFAS]
Jonathan pulling out a gun [SotM]
Jonathan and Rick prying open the compartment under Horus (b/w) [MT]
Jonathan with the golden Book of Amun-ra [SotM]
Imhotep strangling Jonathan [JB]
Jonathan, Evelyn, and Rick with the Book of Amun-ra
Jonathan, Evie, and Rick running away from the collapsing city (b/w) [MT]
The same picture in color [Cf]
"Oh, yeah, same to yourself..." [SBP]

The cast and crew of "The Mummy" (JH is 5th from right) [SotM]
Part of John Hannah's page from the book of the movie [H]
Fraser making a face in the foreground, JH in the background (b/w) [MT]
Brendan Fraser and John Hannah at the premiere

The Intruder (1999)

Charlie (JH) staring at his hand [IF]
Charlie smoking a cigarette [IF]
Charlie and Catherine [IF]
Charlie looking to the left [20It]
Charlie in the snow [Cf]

JH and other cast members having a laugh with director David Bailey [IF]
Working on a scene with cinematographer Jean Lepine [IF]

The Hurricane (1999)

Terry Swinton (JH) [UP]
Terry and Sam [LSf]
Terry Swinton
Lisa, Sam, Lesera, and Terry in the Martins' home
The three Canadians [IMDb]

Rebus (2000+)

Inspector Rebus (JH) and Eve Kendal (Joanna Roth) [Sl]
Rebus, "as seen on TV" [Dz]
Rebus on the stairs again [Sl]
Rebus leaning against a fence [Sl]
Rebus looking up
Rebus in front of a rock face, from Scotland on Sunday
Rebus squatting
Inspector Rebus promo shot [Dz]
Rebus through the window [BC]
Black and Blue poster 1 [GT]
Black and Blue poster 2 [GT]
Caricature of John Hannah as Rebus [TEx]
JH on the set of Rebus  [GT]
JH signing autographs on the Rebus set  [GT]
JH with young actor Scott Weir on the Rebus set  [GT]
JH with THG director Maurice Phillips in Edinburgh  [GT]
JH looking into a camera on the Rebus set [GT]

Circus (2000)

Leo (JH) in bed [Pop]
Leo looking up at Lily in the boat bed
Leo and Lily about to kiss [Dz]
Leo and Lily kissing [Pop]
Leo and Troy at the beach
Wearing white and scowling [Pop]
Wearing white and walking [Pop]
Leo pointing a gun at Julius [Pop]
Leo holding a gun
Leo in a leather jacket [Pop]
Leo and Lily about to kiss [Pop]
Lily and Leo at the train station [LV]
Bench photo in b/w

Small picture of Leo [Dz]
Tabloid photo from filming in Brighton [CoD]
Leo and Lily, from the poster for the film
Closeup on Leo
Leo and Lily smiling [Cf]

The Mummy Returns (2001)

Jonathan (JH) and his floozy  [TBM]
Jonathan, Ardeth, Rick, and Alex looking at the bracelet [UP]
Jonathan carries the luggage  [TBM]
Closeup of Jonathan  [TBM]
Looking swashbuckling for some reason  [TBM]
Jonathan in the jungle [UP]
Jonathan, Rick, Evie and Alex in the jungle  [TBM]
Evie takes on the problem while Jonathan clutches Alex and cowers  [TBM]
Alex and Jonathan screaming  [TBM]
Jonathan, Evie, Rick and Alex climbing the pyramid  [TBM]

Freddie Boath and John Hannah filming  [TBM]
Freddie and JH filming again  [TBM]
JH kissing another camel  [TBM]
JH and Rachel Weisz on set  [TBM]
"John Hannah: Jonathan Carnahan"  [TBM]

Pandaemonium (2001)

Wordsworth (JH) carrying pamphlets [MF]
Distributing The Watchman  [Cf]
Wordsworth with the helium [MF]
Wordsworth with Coleridge in the background [MF]
Wordsworth with Coleridge and Dorothy in the background [MF]
Wordsworth frowning [MF]
Sara, Citizen Baby, Wordsworth, Dorothy, and Coleridge [MF]
Wordsworth in the moorland [MF]
Trying to write a poem with Coleridge [MF]
Chasing Coleridge [MF]
Walking with Dorothy [MF]
Wordsworth walking [MF]
Writing on a walk [MF]
William and Dorothy Wordsworth [Dz]
Wordsworth and Dorothy sitting [MF]
Wordsworth and Dorothy [MF]
Wordsworth and Coleridges in the lab [MF]
Wordsworth on the beach at Stelford [MF]
Wordsworth at Stelford [MF]
Wordsworth, Mary, and Coleridge looking up [MF]
Wordsworth by a lake [MF]
Wordsworth in the Lakes District [MF]
The Poet Laureate is announced [MF]
Coleridge confronts Wordsworth [MF]
Coleridge being pointed at by Wordsworth
Dorothy, Wordsworth, Byron, and Coleridge [MF]

Filming Emily Woof and John Hannah [MF]

"Alias" (2001)

Shepard (JH) fighting with Sydney [ABC]
Shepard looking suspiciously at Sydney  [ABC]

Publicity photo [Z2I]

"MDs" (2002)

Dr Dalgety (JH) [ABC]
Dr Dalgety
Cast photo [ABC]
Cast photo  [ABC]


Programme from A Man for All Seasons, 1982  [EKRT]
In costume for The Long, the Short and the Tall with EK Rep Theatre, 1982  [EKRT]
Programme from Play It Again, Sam, 1982  [EKRT]
Nick in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, 1992 [BP]

Magazines, Newspapers and Publicity Shots
John Hannah as a young boy [EKRT]
Publicity photo
Looking dapper at the premiere of THE MUMMY [SotM]
Looking "a bit scruffy" - Jane Magazine 5/99 (b/w)
Looking scruffy with a cigarette - Jane Magazine 5/99 (b/w)
He's #1! (b/w)
JH in Somaliland with Oxfam [Ox]
JH from an article about the arms trade in Somaliland (b/w) [Ox]
JH in Somaliland
JH in Somaliland
John Hannah crusades against the weapons trade (b/w) [S+WM]
A cute smile
Entertainment Tonight Interview photo #1 [ETO]
ET photo #2 [ETO]
ET photo #3 [ETO]
ET photo #4 [ETO]
ET photo #5 [ETO]
ET photo #6 [ETO]
UK Premiere Magazine interview photo (5/98) [Ca]
JH and Clerkenwell Films partner, Murray Ferguson [Md]
Elle Style Awards 1998, with Helen Mirren (b/w) [Dz]
JH in Frocks Restaurant - "coffee and cigarettes" (b/w) [Dz]
"...after a hard night" (b/w) [Dz]
Above picture in color [Dz]
Portrait from Empire Magazine [LV]
Portrait from Empire Magazine (b/w) [Dz]
Accompanying picture from "If this is a bit pretentious..." article (b/w) [Dz]
John in the street [JB]
Looking distressed [LV]
From the cover of the Auden tape [Re]
From the cover of the Golf in the Kingdom tape [Re]
From Movie Market Catalog [LV]
Promoting THE MUMMY on German TV show "Viva" [BK]
More from "Viva" [BK]
Even more from "Viva" [BK]
Oscar Moore Film Quiz [Dz]
Cappucino... and a ciggie, of course [Dz]
From Cinefile Q & A [Dz]
On 'This Morning', January 2000 [TM]
In a flowered shirt, from Daily Mail Weekend
John and 'Rebus' author Ian Rankin [Dz]
From The Scotsman, April 17 2000 [SmO]
From "The Romantic Hero" [JB]
Also from "The Romantic Hero [JB]
In a white shirt, from My Weekly [LS]
Sitting in the street, from "My Hols"
From "The Day I Spent Naked With Eddie Izzard"
From OK! TV Guide
Also from OK!
In a window seat, from "Fame is Horrible!"
 Radio Times caricature
JH on the cover of the book "The Scot Pack"
A paparazzi shot of JH?
Also from "Rain" photo shoot?
Smiling, from The Mirror supplement
From "My Wife is the Barmiest Woman I Know
"1 in 4" exhibit photo by Brian Moody
John with Jekyll and Hyde director Maurice Phillips
John with Jekyll and Hyde actress Monika Biciunaite
John with Lithuanian actors during Jekyll and Hyde filming

John with Joanna
At their wedding, 1996
Oscar Moore AIDS Fundraiser Film Quiz (b/w) [Dz]
Possibly at SLIDING DOORS premiere [Dz]
THE MUMMY premiere [JB]
Again at The Mummy premiere [LS]
As Rebus and Eve [Sl]

Joanna Roth
Publicity photo [Dz]
Publicity photo #2 (b/w) [Dz]
As 'Lucy' in "See You Friday" (1997 TV show) with co-star Neil Pearson[NPFP]
In "See You Friday" [Dz]
as 'Suspicious Girl' in Sliding Doors

Collages, Wallpapers and JH Artwork
John Hannah Collage I [Cv] (.bmp file )
small .jpg version of Collage I [Cv]
John Hannah Collage II [Cv] (.bmp file)
small .jpg version of Collage II [Cv]
John Hannah Collage III
John Hannah Collage III (b/w)
John Hannah Collage IV [LV]

Picture Credits (when known)

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