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John Hannah plays:  Detective Inspector John Rebus
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Summary:  The past and present collide and several cases overlap as Rebus searches for the killers of oil rig employee Allan Mitchison and finds himself involved in the case of the copy-cat serial killer The Disciple.  Years before, Rebus had investigated the case of The Preacher and this new "upstart" seems to be following in The Preacher's footsteps.  Add in some ghosts from Rebus' past and Rebus' gangland connections and you've got an intricate, complicated, fascinating mystery.

My thoughts:  This is one of a series of TV films based on the "Inspector Rebus" mystery novels by author Ian Rankin.  For more information about the novels, visit
The Rebus books are probably my favorite series.  I'm somewhat of a Rebus purist and can't help but think the film didn't do the book justice.  I think the book was too complex for television, and in cutting out some of the complications, they lost some of the book's charm.  However, John Hannah did a good job as Rebus, whether or not you think he was 'too young and too healthy'.  He was not chosen because he looked like John Rebus, but because he has experience and talent at playing complex characters.
If you've read the books and are interested in discussing them (and the TV series), I invite you to check out the Inspector Rebus club on Yahoo.

Rebus: Black and Blue News:  The latest that I've heard is that ITV will be running all of the REBUS films this fall, one a week for four weeks.  This will probably be around September.

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