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John Hannah plays: Detective Inspector John Rebus
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Summary:  "Rebus wakes in the opening scene, troubled by the night's dreams and his hangover. The dreams precurse the story of his colleague, Jim Margolies, a younger cop with everything to live for and everything going for him. Rebus' work takes him to the housing estate where vigilante posses are creating anarchy because a paedophile, Darren Rough, has been housed in their community. Then, there's John's childhood sweetheart, Janice, and her search for her lost son, Stuart...
  Rebus finds feelings within himself which surprise and disturb him, some empathy for Rough, disbelief and grief at what happens to Margolies, and ... what might just be a lasting happiness that will have him sleeping in his own bed again, instead of spending his nights in the chair in the window, drinking, listening to music and drinking.
  Full circle."
- denzylle

Until IMDb gets it up, here's the cast list for DEAD SOULS:

DI John Rebus
DS Siobhan Clarke
DI Jim Margolies
DCS Wilson
DCI Gill Templer
Darren Rough
Barney Mee
Janice Mee
Stuart Mee
Katherine Margolies
Dr. Joe Margolies
Mary Margolies
Betty Margolies
Van Brady
Cameron Petrie
Ama Petrie
Billy Boy Brady
Ray Heggie
Gordon Ince
Kenny Lynch
Mrs. Playfair
Man walking dog
John Hannah
Gayanne Potter
Mark Bonnar
Ron Donachie
Sara Stewart
Russell Barr
Paul Cunningham
Michelle Fairley
Iain Robertson
Emma Currie
Hugh Ross
Danielle Cook
Anna Hepburn
Myra McFadyen
Andrew Barr
Stuart Wilkinson
Coral Preston
Ryan McIntyre
Paul Malcolm
Peter Kelly
Malcolm Shields
Pamela Kelly
Dorothy Jane Stewart
Stephanie Wilson
Thomas Mullins
James Mackenzie
David Tarkenter
Allison McKenzie
Kayleigh Johnstone
Dirk Robertson
Colin Brown
Michael Elder

My thoughts: This is the third in a series of films adapted from the novels of Ian Rankin. It's based on Rankin's tenth book, Dead Souls
If you've read the books and are interested in discussing them (and the TV series), I invite you to check out the Inspector Rebus club on Yahoo.

Rebus: Dead Souls News: ITV will be running the last three REBUS movies in September 2001.

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