Resurrection Man (1998)

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John Hannah plays:  Darkie Larche
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Summary:  Stuart Townsend (SHOOTING FISH) stars as Victor Kelly, a psychopathic Protestant sectarian murderer in 1975 Belfast.  He wants to be some kind of Cagney-esque gangster, but is really a serial killer.  James Nesbitt (THE JAMES GANG, WAKING NED DEVINE) plays Ryan, the alcoholic journalist who writes about Victor and his escapades for the newspaper, and ends up getting involved.  Also appearing are Zara Turner (SLIDING DOORS) as Ryan's abused doctor wife, John Hannah as another violent acquaintance of Victor's, and Geraldine O'Rawe as Victor's girlfriend Heather, who is also involved with Ryan and Darkie.

My thoughts:  JH is surprisingly attractive, considering his long hair and moustache and the incessant violence!  As for the movie itself, it is extremely bloody and disturbing.  I'm still not sure why I watched the whole thing, but I did.  I would recommend this to only the biggest John Hannah fans (and I will add that it helps to have a strong stomach while watching and listening).

Resurrection Man News:  RESURRECTION MAN is now available to buy (NTSC format).

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