Undated Work

We really don't know much about these projects - they were mentioned in various articles or filmographies (linked in left columns), but we don't have dates for them and they don't appear in the Internet Movie Database.  It's possible the information on them isn't even correct!  If you can provide any information about these projects, it would be much appreciated.  If you've ever seen them, please email me with information.

John Hannah plays: Johnny
Brief Encounter
John Hannah plays: Simon
Summary: Made by the National Film Training School, early '90s
Losers' Blues
"John's home to the Holyrood Thrills"


John Hannah plays: Tommy
Summary:  A short film by Scottish movie maker Norman Pollock about the closing of the Ravenscraig Steel Works and unemployment that would ensue.
This was probably Hannah's first film, possibly made while he was a student at the RSAMD.
Reasonable Force
John Hannah plays: Pretty Boy

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