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Projects in Development/Rumored Projects

I Accuse (~2004) Dr John Schneeberger
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2003) [TV] Dr Henry Jekyll/Mr Edward Hyde
"MDs" (2002) [TV Series] Dr Robert Dalgety
Before You Go (2002) Dr Mike Pennington
I'm With Lucy (2002) Doug
Camouflage (2001) Man Invited
Rebus: Mortal Causes (2001) [TV] DI John Rebus
Rebus: Dead Souls (2001) [TV] DI John Rebus
The Mummy Returns (2001) Jonathan Carnahan
Pandaemonium (2001) William Wordsworth
Rebus: The Hanging Garden (2000) [TV] DI John Rebus
Circus (2000) Leo Garfield
"Predators" (2000) (mini) Narrator
Rebus: Black and Blue (2000) [TV] DI John Rebus
The Hurricane (1999) Terry Swinton
The Intruder (1999) Charlie
The Mummy (1999)  Jonathan Carnahan
Resurrection Man (1998)  Darkie Larche
Sliding Doors (1998)  James Hammerton
The Love Bug (1997) [TV]  Simon Moore III
The James Gang (1997)  Spendlove James
The Innocent Sleep (1996) James
Circles of Deceit: Kalon (1996) [TV] Jason Sturden
Romance and Rejection (1996) [TV]  Tony
Truth or Dare (1996) [TV] Nick
"McCallum" (1995) [TV Series]  Dr Iain McCallum
"Out of the Blue" (1995) [TV Series] DS Franky Drinkall
The Final Cut (1995)  Gilmore
Madagascar Skin (1995)  Harry
Pauline Calf's Wedding Video (1994) [TV]  Mark
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)  Matthew
Faith (1994) Nick Simon
Joan (1994) [TV] John/Joan
Milner (1994) [TV] Windscreen washer
Paul Calf's Video Diary (1993) [TV]  Mark
Harbour Beat (1990)  Neal McBride
These Colours Don't Run (1990) [TV] Keith
Bookie (1987) [TV] Johnny
Brond (1987) Robert

"Farewell, Nervosa" - 22 April 2003
Avery McManus
"Reckoning" - 4 November 2001
"Color-blind" - 18 November 2001
Martin Shepard
"Between the Lines" 
"Nothing Personal" - 13 November 1992
D.C. Mellis

"The Bill"
"Trial and Error" - 28 April 1992
Derek Pierce
"Work, Rest & Play" - 23 October 1990
Willie Connolly
"Evil Eye"

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