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John Hannah plays: Jonathan Carnahan, an English "archaeologist" and Evelyn's ne'er-do-well brother
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Summary: The plot has been described as "THE MUMMY Goes to London". The sequel takes place ten years after the previous movie and the plot involves the bracelet of the Scorpion King, which Rick and Evie discover on another expedition in Egypt.  Their eight-year-old son Alex puts the bracelet on and discovers that it shows the way to the Scorpion King's oasis.  Meanwhile, the reincarnation of Anck-su-namun is digging Imhotep up and resurrecting him, Jonathan is bumbling, Ardeth Bay reappears out of nowhere, they meet up with an old pal of Rick's, Izzy the dirigible pilot, and the whole thing ends in a battle between The Scorpion King and Imhotep.

My thoughts: It was another good popcorn-movie, but the first one was better.  Nothing deep, but lots of action.  It smacked of sequel, and the motives were unclear, but there was enough action and snappy dialogue (from Jonathan and Izzy anyway) to keep you entertained.  Just turn off your brain and go along for the ride.
TMR is a way for John Hannah to make himself known to a wider audience, and be offered better roles in the future. Pretty good career move, I'd say, as long as he doesn't start getting type-cast as Jonathan by people who haven't seen the rest of his wide range of characters. With the big bucks and fame that would come from doing TMR, he would have a wider field of roles offered to him to choose from and could continue with the small films he's done in the past, but vary them with Hollywood-style things (as he seems to have done already - working on THE MUMMY and THE HURRICANE as well as REBUS and PANDAEMONIUM). Good opportunities there, and congratulations to JH.

The Mummy Returns News: Some release dates, according to IMDb: Yugoslavia - 30 August

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