Truth or Dare (1996)

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John Hannah plays:  Nick, a "seductive psychopath who needs little excuse to murder whoever happens to be handy"
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Summary:  Helen Baxendale stars as young lawyer Lorna Johnston.  She is reunited with three friends from university after another friend commits suicide.  They're a reckless and irresponsible group, but they have nowhere to go, so she takes them into her home.  She gets involved with one of them, Nick (John Hannah), but she kicks the threesome out when she finds out that he's also been sleeping with Mel (Susan Lynch).  Nick, Mel, and Ben (Ben Daniels) then set out to ruin her life.  They threaten to reveal to her law firm a previous shoplifting arrest and the information that she has been carrying on an affair with a married man on the firm's property.  She is fired from her job, but the gang is not satisfied.  They frame her for the murder of her lover's wife and threaten to turn her in if she does not give them £20,000.  She realizes that she is in the same position as was the friend who committed suicide and the police believe that she killed the woman, so it's up to Lorna to confront her old pals and end their threats and blackmail by herself.

My thoughts:  It was quite a scary thriller, I thought.  It's always interesting to see John Hannah as a "baddie", since he's very convincing at it.

Truth or Dare News:  BBC America has quite a bit of information, including a RealVideo teaser ad, on their TRUTH OR DARE site.  They seem to be showing it quite often so check out the site to see when it will be on next!

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