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"Frasier" (2003)

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Episode(s): "Farewell, Nervosa"

John Hannah plays:  Avery McManus, Frasier's school chum and accountant

Show Summary:  The American sitcom "Frasier" is a spin-off of the popular series "Cheers", which follows the radio psychiatrist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) as he moves to Seattle and shares an apartment with his father.

Episode Summary: John Hannah's character, Avery, is Frasier's accountant.  Through Frasier, he meets Julia Wilcox, another talk show host from KACL, and Avery and Julia have an affair.  Frasier feels guilty for introducing them because he knows that Avery is married, and tries to warn Julia.  Meanwhile, Elvis Costello plays a folk singer hired by Café Nervosa who annoys Frasier and his brother Niles and sends them on a quest for a new hangout.

"Alias" (2001)

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Episodes:  "Reckoning" (18 November 2001), "Color Blind" (25 November 2001)

Click here for pictures from AliasJohn Hannah plays:  Martin Shepard, a subconsciously-programmed assassin

Show Summary:  Graduate student Sydney (Jennifer Garner) is recruited by a top-secret spy organization, but then discovers she's on the wrong side.  So she joins up with the CIA and acts as a double agent, all the while trying to balance a "normal" life.

Episode Summary: JH's character checks himself into a mental institution, believing that he's gone insane.  In reality, he's been subconsciously programmed as an assassin and his subconscious is now leaking into his conscious.  Sydney has to question him and discovers that he can't remember the information she wants from him.

"Civvies" (1992)

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Episode(s): Unknown

John Hannah plays:  Don Walker, known as "Nature Boy"

Show Summary:  The show is about former paratroopers settling down to a civilian life.  It stars Peter O'Toole, Lennie James ("OUT OF THE BLUE") and SLIDING DOORS director Peter Howitt.

"Between the Lines" (1992)
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Episode: "Nothing Personal" (1992)

John Hannah plays:  D.C. Mellis

Show Summary:  Neil Pearson (Joanna Roth's co-star in the series "See You Friday") stars as police detective Tony Clark. 

Episode Summary:  This particular episode dealt with Clark investigating the suicide/murder of a young man in a jail cell.


"The Bill" (1992)

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Episode:  "Trial and Error" (28 April 1992)

John Hannah plays:  Derek Pierce

"Boon" (1986)
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Episode: "Work, Rest & Play" (23 October 1990)

John Hannah plays:  Willie Connolly, Scottish footballer

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Show Summary:  Ken Boon and Harry Crawford are two middle-aged ex-firemen who start out in business together, initially in Birmingham and later in Nottingham. During the seven series (1986-92), Ken works his way up from odd-job man to private investigator while Harry runs two hotels, a ballroom, a country club and finally a security firm. Over the years they are assisted by Doreen Evans, Rocky Cassidy, Debbie Yates, Margaret Daly, Laura Marsh and Alex Wilton. 
- IMDb

Episode Summary: Cocky footballer Willie Connolly comes to Harry asking him for protection from his estranged wife's family, who took a sledgehammer to his sports car and are now looking to break his legs.  See episode summary for more.

Fun Fact:  Joanna Roth had a guest appearance in the previous week's episode, "A Night at the Ballet"


"Taggart" (1983)

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Episode: "Evil Eye"

John Hannah plays: Danny Bonnar

Show Summary:  This is a long-running STV police drama which takes place in Glasgow, Scotland.  It has been one of Scottish Television's most popular programs, at home as well as abroad.

Episode Summary:  A young chef-by-day, jewel-thief-by-night named Danny robs a jeweller's with two accomplices.  During the getaway, they kill a gypsy who puts a curse on them.  Danny's friends are killed off and he gets into an affair with an older woman who double-crosses him.

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