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John Hannah plays: Detective Inspector John Rebus
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Summary: In Edinburgh you're never far from a peaceful spot, or from a hellish one either. Now, in the heart of summer, in the midst of a nationalist festival, Inspector John Rebus is on the murder case of a young man left hanging in a spot where his screams would never be heard. To find the victim's identity -- and his killer -- Rebus searches from Edinburgh's most violent neighborhood to Belfast, Northern Ireland -- amongst petty thugs, gunrunners, and heavyweight criminals.
But before Rebus can get to the truth, he's bloodied by the dream of society's madmen -- and staring into the glint of a killer's eyes. [This summary refers to the book]

My thoughts: This is the fourth in a series of films adapted from the novels of Ian Rankin. It's based on Rankin's sixth Rebus book, Mortal Causes
If you've read the books and are interested in discussing them (and the TV series), I invite you to check out the Inspector Rebus club on Yahoo.

Rebus: Dead Souls News: ITV will be showing the last three REBUS films in September.

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